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Electromagnetic pulse valve modelDCF-F-ZM-20Connecting the vent tube outer diameter(mm)Φ27size(mm)A67B45C26D26E162





Electromagnetic pulse valve model DCF-F-ZM-20
Connecting the vent tube outer diameter(mm) Φ27
size(mm) A 67
B 45
C 26
D 26
E 162
F 118
G 12.7
φ 80

Product Name: Explosion-proof electromagnetic pulse valve

       Specification model: DCF-F-00 AC220V
       Explosion-proof mark: EX mb II C T4Gb/Ex mD 21 T130°C
       Product standard: Q/320500 HSXC 007-2015
       The product has passed the inspection of the National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and obtained the explosion-proof certificate. The explosion-proof certificate number is CNEx15.2609X.
       Confirm that the following criteria are met:
       GB3836.1-2010 "Explosive environment - Part 1: General requirements for equipment"
       GB3836.9-2006 "Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 9: s
       GB12476.1-2013 "Electrical equipment for flammable dust environment - Part 1: General requirements"
       GB12476.1-2010 "Electrical equipment for flammable dust environment - Part 6: s.