Dust filter cage

author: xiechang editor: xiechang source: xiechang time: 2019-04-15 10:58:38
The frame is the rib of the filter bag It should be light and easy to install and maintain The quality



     The frame is the rib of the filter bag. It should be light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the frame directly affects the filter status and service life of the filter bag. Our company introduces advanced frame manufacturing equipment, and each frame manufactured can meet the requirements of light weight, smoothness and straightness, with an annual production capacity of 2 million.

       The company invested a lot of money and introduced various advanced automation equipment from abroad. High-precision equipment allows the quality of each part of the frame to be controlled during production, while increasing production and productivity.
       We have established a complete quality inspection process, from the raw material inspection, production line self-inspection, inspector inspection, workshop site management personnel inspection, finished product storage inspection, each link has established a "gate" for quality assurance.
       Frame surface treatment silicone treatment:
       It is roughly divided into surface phosphating treatment, surface galvanizing treatment, and surface silicone powder electrostatic spraying treatment.
In the past, the use of stainless steel 316L as a raw material for power plants and waste incineration plants with relatively poor working conditions is difficult for users to accept because of the high cost. In the past two years, we have used carbon steel as raw material and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with pure imported silicone powder. The cost of this frame is far lower than that of stainless steel frame, and it has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It has been widely used by users. Received the user's praise.