SXC-7 differential pressure transmitter

author: xiechang editor: xiechang source: xiechang time: 2019-04-15 10:54:21
Features:A pressure difference detection sensor that can be used with the company& 39;s various controllers to outp
A pressure difference detection sensor that can be used with the company's various controllers to output 4-20mA electrical signals.
Technical Parameters:
1. Measurement range: 0~10kp;
2. Measurement medium: non-corrosive, dust-free, dry gas;
3, the ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ +85 ° C
Instructions for use:
1. Connect the “red and white” differential pressure signal on the terminal to the pulse computer controller.
2. Connect the high and low pressure of the medium to the inlet and outlet of the differential pressure transmitter with a Φ10X1 plastic hose or rubber hose. Conditionally, it is best to introduce the medium pressure to the differential pressure transmitter through a balancing valve, so as to avoid chip damage due to single-ended overload during use.
3. When pressing the transmitter, it is best to point the inlet and outlet ports downwards to avoid impurities in the medium from entering the pressure chamber of the chip. If other installation methods are used, it is best to bend the pressure tube into a U shape and then connect it to the pressure port.