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One Model meaningXC-5A1-8-L Model Specifications:Control Electromagnetic Pulse Valve Type Type Housing Material Dimen


One. Model meaning


XC-5A1-8-L Model Specifications:
Control Electromagnetic Pulse Valve Type Type Housing Material Dimensions Length * Width * Height (mm)
1-8 Stand-alone transparent PC (plastic) case 195*90*64
1-16 Stand-alone transparent PC (plastic) case 200*160*80
1-32 Stand-alone transparent PC (plastic) case 270*150*86
two. Features
The SXC-5A series adopts a hanging transparent PC case, which has beautiful appearance, good dustproof performance and convenient installation.
The panel is provided with a digital display, which can sequentially display the working sequence of the electromagnetic pulse valve. The pulse width, pulse interval and cycle interval period can be adjusted according to the cleaning demand, the solenoid valve can be controlled to be turned on and off, and the dust collector can be regularly cleaned. At the same time, the input node of the differential pressure controller is provided. After the differential pressure controller and the differential pressure transmitter are connected, the differential pressure can be cleaned.
three. Instructions for use
1 operating mode
The on-board operation indicator will illuminate during operation and the system will be in a blow or differential pressure wait state. During operation, short press the setting button once, the digital tube will switch the display mode, long press to enter the setting mode.
Single execution process:
Timing mode: Cycle a single execution flow.
Constant pressure mode: When the differential pressure trigger port is not enabled, the digital tube displays “- - - -” four horizontal lines waiting for triggering. When triggered, a single execution flow is executed. After the execution, it continues to wait for the trigger. .
2 setting mode
In the setting mode, the running indicator is off, and the digital tube displays the current parameter modification item.
Set the status button general operation:
[Plus +] Increase the current set value Short press +1, long press the automatic combo trigger.
[Decrease-] Decrease the current set value Short press -1, long press the automatic combo trigger.
[Settings] Short press to enter the next setting option, long press to save the parameters and restart the device.
[1] [Startup delay] (Range 1s-999s, accuracy 1s): Wait for the set time to enter the blowing operation state after power on, press [++] or [minus-] to skip, set to 0 The running status is directly executed after the power is turned on. When the parameter is set, the first digital tube will display the character 'A'.
[2][System power-on default display mode] (range 1-2): Mode 1 is only display loop (currently blown to the first few ways), no other information is displayed, mode 2 is detailed information display (display pulse width countdown) , interval countdown, cycle countdown), but does not display the current loop information, the first digital tube will display the character 'B' when setting this parameter.
[3][Screen Brightness] (Range 1st-8th level): Modify this parameter to adjust the display brightness of the digital tube. When this parameter is set, the first digital tube will display the character 'C'.
[4] [Pressure difference enable time] (range 0.01s-9.99s, accuracy 10ms): This parameter determines the differential port triggering time in differential pressure mode. If the trigger time is less than the set value, the injection control will not be performed. When the parameter is set, the first digital tube will display the character 'D'.
four. Technical Parameters
Rated input voltage: AC220V (±10%) 50HZ/60HZ;
Rated output voltage: DC24V;
Rated output current: 1.2A;
Rated power: 30W;
Pulse width adjustment range: 0.01s-99.99s, accuracy 10ms; (factory setting is 0.08S)
Pulse interval adjustment range: 1s-9999s, accuracy 1s; (factory setting is 10S)
Cycle cycle adjustment range: 0min-9999min, accuracy 1min; (factory setting is 0min)
Output loop adjustment range: 1 way - N way; (factory setting is determined by specific model)
Operating environment: working temperature -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C; air relative humidity does not exceed 85%; (no ice, no condensation) no serious corrosive gases and conductive dust; no severe vibration or impact;
Fives. Wiring instructions
1. The power supply is an AC 220V input terminal.
2. The COM terminal is the common terminal of the electromagnetic pulse valve.
3. YC is the differential pressure control port. When the controller is in the differential pressure operation mode, the pulse controller can be controlled by shorting the YC terminals.
4. The number 1-N is the pulse valve signal output terminal.
six. Installation method and precautions
1. There should be no corrosive gas around the control unit. Try to avoid strong vibration, strong magnetic, high temperature and high heat. Outdoor installation should be waterproof.
2. In order to ensure normal production and equipment safety, the number of control channels and pulse valve settings should be adjusted by professional technicians.
Seven. Dimensional drawing
型号 长(L)/mm 宽(W)/mm 高(H)/mm 孔距(S)/mm 孔距(T)/mm
SXC-5A1-8 195 90 64 178 49
SXC-5A1-16 200 160 80 154 114.2
SXC-5A1-32 270 150 86 251 100