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SXC-8A4 online pulse controller detailed operation instructions With the development of China& 39;s environm


     SXC-8A4 online pulse controller detailed operation instructions

        With the development of China's environmental protection industry, the requirements for the baghouse dust cleaning system are getting higher and higher. The level of the pulse controller reflects the level of equipment in the baghouse. The pulse injection electric control instrument is an instrument for timing cleaning of the pulse jet cleaning dust collector by setting the pulse width and pulse interval.
        The SXC-8A4 pulse controller developed by our company is the product that meets the needs of this era.
Pulse controller technical parameters and indicators:
Cleaning method Online cleaning
Input voltage AC220V(-10% ~ +10%)50HZ ~ 60HZ
Output Power DC24V/1.5A (only one type)
Pulse controller adjustable parameters
Pulse Width 0.02 seconds – 2.55 seconds adjustable (factory setting 0.08 seconds)
Pulse interval 1 second – 255 seconds adjustable (factory setting 10 seconds)
Pulse period 0 points – 255 points adjustable
Number of doors 1 – 48 doors are adjustable (factory settings according to customer requirements)
Timing / differential pressure Customers can choose one according to their needs.
Use environment -20 ° C ~ +50 ° C air relative humidity does not exceed 85%; no serious corrosive gases and conductive dust; no severe vibration or impact

The SXC-8A4 series can control up to 48 outputs, as shown in Table 1:

Host Dimensions Maximum number of output bits Number of gates Protection level
SXC-8A4-10 192×240×90 10 1 - 10可调 IP65
SXC-8A4-16 16 1 - 16可调
SXC-8A4-20 20 1 - 20可调
SXC-8A4-30 30 1 - 30可调
SXC-8A4-40 40 1 - 40可调
SXC-8A4-48 48 1 -  48可调

       The SXC-8A4 pulse controller adopts a fully sealed aluminum alloy casing (see the figure below). It has beautiful appearance, flexible installation and convenient carrying. The maximum output point requirement can reach 48 points. There is a digital display on the panel, which can display the working sequence of the electromagnetic pulse valve in turn. According to the cleaning, adjust the pulse width, pulse interval, pulse period and number of roads, control the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, and regularly clean the dust collector. .