Congratulations on the establishment of the academician workstation in Zhonggang

author: xiechang editor: xiechang source: xiechang time: 2019-04-30 16:06:55
Congratulations on the establishment of the academician workstation in Zhonggang Tiancheng
      According to media reports, on April 23, Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection's strategic partner, Sinosteel Tiancheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. academician workstation was unveiled in Wuhan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, foreign academician of National Engineering Institute, Tsinghua University School of Environment Hao Jiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and dean of the School of Environment of Tsinghua University, He Kebin was hired as an academician.

       In order to express the sincere congratulations of Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection, Liu Xie, general manager of Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection and Wang Zesheng, chief engineer, went to Wuhan to witness this historical moment together, and also conveyed the friendship and win-win friendship between the two parties. Aspects of exchanges and expansion.

Academician Hao Jiming
       Committed to China's air pollution control research for more than 40 years, the company carried out research on the characteristics, causes and control strategies of atmospheric composite pollution, developed the theory and technical methods for improving air quality in mega cities, and promoted the joint prevention and control of regional air pollution in China.


Academician He Kebin
       Committed to the study of atmospheric combined pollution and control, with the high-resolution emission inventory technology-multi-dimensional traceability technology for multi-pollutant source identification--system analysis technology of multi-pollutant collaborative control as the core, promote the development of regional air quality dynamic control new technology system application.
Cooperation is both inevitable and more important
       “Zhonggang Tiancheng” is one of the leading enterprises in China's environmental protection industry. It has implemented more than 20 technical (new product) development projects. The scientific and technological achievements have been used in key industries such as steel and electric power, and the business scope involves metallurgy and electric power. , petroleum and petrochemical, building materials, municipal, agricultural and animal husbandry and other fields and industries.


Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation relationship with Zhonggang Tiancheng very early, and had an in-depth and effective discussion on the control of flue gas pollution. Both sides also conducted exchanges on many occasions. The establishment of the academician workstation will play an active role in the restoration and improvement of the environment and the development of the environmental protection industry. As a partner, Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection will also benefit.

Science and technology are primary productive forces

As the core driving force of high-tech companies, scientific research can directly determine the positioning and development potential of the company in the market. Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection has been committed to the research and development of new technologies. The company and Northeastern University, Southeast University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology and China Well-known research and design institutes maintain a close cooperative relationship.

o far, it has more than 50 patent technologies (including 11 invention patents) and 4 software copyrights, and has undertaken national, provincial and municipal research and development projects for many times. It has led and participated in the drafting and revision of industry standards for many times, for domestic steel, The flue gas treatment in the metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other industries contributed their efforts and dedication.

      In the future road of scientific and technological innovation, Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., together with its partners, will use new technologies, new platforms and new methods to achieve ultra-low emissions of related enterprises, making the motherland more blue, clearer and have real "Jinshan Yinshan".