Departure | Xiechang into Baowu Iron and Steel!

author: xiechang editor: xiechang source: xiechang time: 2019-04-09 13:49:24
Departure | Xiechang into Baowu Iron and Steel!

      On March 20th, the “China Famous Enterprise Bank” hosted by the Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Suzhou Productivity Promotion Center took the first place to stand in the Shanghai Wusongkou Pioneer Park.

       Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xiechang”), as a Suzhou science and technology innovation enterprise, came to Baoshan, Linhai, and visited Baosteel Historical Exhibition Hall, Hot Rolling 2050 Production Line and No.1 Blast Furnace. The past and present of China Baowu Group exchanged the results of the enterprise project. The Baowu experts present at the scene expressed their strong interest in the results of these high-quality projects and had in-depth exchanges with their Suzhou entrepreneurs.
       At the exchange meeting, Xiechang released the intelligent electromagnetic pulse valve and the dust control bag dust removal intelligent operation management cloud platform project developed in 2018, which aroused the strong interest of the on-site Baowu experts. Intelligent electromagnetic pulse valve and intelligent cloud platform project, through wireless transmission, interactive sensing, intelligent detection of bag filter operation, reached the international leading level.
       This exchange, the company's deep interaction, the two sides will establish a cross-regional coordination mechanism in the future, "Suzhou Shanghai family", Xiechang and Baowu Iron and Steel and many other colleagues to carry out cooperation in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and technology transfer, joint Cultivate an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem.