Xiechang | Casting the blue sky dream with love

author: xiechang editor: xiechang source: xiechang time: 2019-04-09 13:48:56
Xiechang people, perseverance let us go all the way;Xiechang people, love to create the dream of the blue sky
Xiechang people, perseverance let us go all the way;
Xiechang people, love to create the dream of the blue sky.
       Suzhou Xiechang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., located in the city of Gusu, has been committed to atmospheric dust removal for 27 years and has been contributing to the battle against blue sky.
       Not only that, but the people of Xiechang also used their love to create a colorful dream for the blue sky.
       On March 19th, Ms. Liu Wei, the general manager of Xiechang Environmental Protection, was awarded the Special Prize for Love and Help by the Overseas Chinese Federation at the Third (Expansion) and Theme Exchange Meeting of the Second Session of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Suzhou Industrial Park. All along, Ms. Liu Wei and her team of Xiechang and Xiechang people actively responded to the work of the Overseas Chinese Federation, the Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the grassroots overseas Chinese organizations, and built a world-class high-tech industrial park for the park to compete for “strong and beautiful”. The model, the "two benchmarks" demonstration made new contributions.
Yes, not only the Overseas Chinese Federation.
Donate to the Red Cross, care for the elderly in the nursing home, and co-plant green with college students.
Love is environmental protection and environmental protection is tomorrow.